A salt therapy box with professional medical salt humidifier
especially designed for horses and with Himalyan salt brick
Mobile salt therapy box for horses
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A salt therapy box specifically designed for horses with professional medical salt salters and himalayan salt bricks. The time spent in the Saltbox improves the health and well-being of horses in a complex way, as we have taken every factor in salt therapy to help improve their quality of life at both the physical and mental levels.

Experience and Innovation

We all want the best of our horses, whether they are a hobby animal or a serious racer. That is why we have combined our more than ten years of experience in human salt therapy and horse keeping to create a unique, yet customisable saline salt room for horses.

The time spent in Saltbox develops the health and well-being of horses in a complex way as we have reviewed all the factors during the development that can help them improve their quality of life on the physical and mental levels, thus enhancing their performance.

Saltbox not just for horses... develop your home, business with an effective salt therapy system. Somehow compile that it can be created for adults and children as well. Also it can be a therapeutic salt-sandbox for children.

3 in 1 therapy – multiple compound effects

  • The 8-10% salt solution sprayed by the medical technological vaporiser cleans the airways and dissolves the mucus in the airways. Due to the antibacterial and antiviral attributes of the salt, it is effective in preventing and treating respiratory illnesses.
  • Saline made from Himalayan halite salt is high purity, 99.9% NaCl in its natural form...
  • The natural, warm lights of the Himalayan salt bricks are colour therapeutic: it calms and energises at the same time, it helps to concentrate, so it can be used effectively before and after the races.
  • Due to the negative ion content of the Himalayan salt, it captures dust and pollens and creates naturally healthy air.
  • Himalayan salt stuck on horsehair helps to get rid of the parasites and also keeps them away. The salt disinfects and helps the contraction of the injuries on the surface of epidermis.
  • Salted air and the licking of Himalayan salt bricks help to replenish the minerals and trace elements.

Saltbox – mobile salt room for horses

When designing the Saltbox, we sought to simplify the installation, assembly and disassembly. The system can be modularly developed in 3 types of designs.... optimum, premium, deluxe e.g.?! It can be modified to specific needs upon request. If you have questions, contact us.
Mobile Saltbox
Saltbox Plan
Sóker SaltCave


Upper respiratory diseases and allergy do not spare the horses. Stables, covered tracks and paddocks have high dust content in the air, which can reduce the breath capacity of the horses in the long run and may also weaken their performance.

A series of studies proves that salt therapy can be used in many respiratory diseases successfully as preventive, complementary or even 100% therapeutic treatment. The salt is a natural antihistamine, so it can effectively reduce the symptoms of respiratory allergy as well. Properly vaporised salt granules are ideal mucolytic agents, nevertheless, they need to penetrate deep into the respiratory system and make the epithelial tissue system work to remove the accumulated dust, pollens and mucus. That is why during and after salt therapy, runny nose and cough may increase.

Wet salt therapy is used to lower the salt particles to sufficient depth: the 8-10% saline solution is sprayed by a professional, medical salt humidifier to the appropriate size, so the salt particles increased by the moisture, penetrate the respiratory tracks with the inhaled air.Wet salt therapy is used to lower the salt particles to sufficient depth: the 8-10% saline solution is sprayed by a professional, medical salt humidifier to the appropriate size, so the salt particles increased by the moisture, penetrate the respiratory tracks with the inhaled air.
The cure for anything is salt water: sweat, tears or the sea. -Isak Dinesen
The healthy salt is invaluable and vital for life. In Saltbox therapeutic rooms we use salt that is without additives and is in its natural form appropriate for human consumption. Besides the salt wall made from Himalayan salt bricks we also offer halite salt with high sodium chloride content in the salt humidifier.

The Himalayan salt has reached its distinctive colour and shape over millions of years. Due to tectonic movements and the enormous underground pressure, valuable elements have been integrated into the sodium chloride, such as iron and magnesium. As a result of this, Himalayan salt has its orange tones.

Nowadays it is mined in the slopes of the Himalayas and its forelands, mainly in Pakistan. As a salt lick, it can help to refill the lost minerals.

The halite salt can be found and mined in Europe, too. Its colour is transparent or white due to its high sodium chloride content. Thanks to this, it is ideal for inhalation.


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With more than 10 years of salt cave and salt room design, construction, maintenance and operation experience, we can help in the design and construction of any salt cave, salt room and in the creation and implementation of other salt decoration solutions. For enterprises, for hotels, wellness centres, for restaurants, public institutions, for kindergartens, for private homes ...
Here we should force the salt decor in our homes with a decorative, beautiful, healthy surface of the luminous salt brick wall column... there are beautiful pictures.



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